Summer Actionplan: direct measures to reduce medical errors, July 2007.

The IEU-Alliance is aware that in spite of the extremely serious situation of medical errors and many of its victims, governments, politicians as well as professional medical organisations are taking their summer recess.
Therefore we call upon all professionals in healthcare to implement the following measures which will lead directly to LESS MEDICAL ERRORS and thus LESS VICTIMS.
We propose the following:

  1.  Washing of hands against spread of MRSA
  2. Creation of correct medical records
  3. Discipline improvement: strict implementation of protocols and agreements
  4. Improvement of communication eg to obtain true informed consent
  5. Direct follow-up of alarming results of laboratory or examinations eg CT/MRI
  6. Arrangment of adequate aftercare after operation or after discharge from hospital
  7. Implementation of Tell and Repair principle: open, honest disclosure and repair of the damage of the medical error

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