Reports & Powerpoints

Reports concerning patientsafety:

  1. Eight Futures Forum WHO 2005 Governance of Patient Safety (3.35mb)
  2. When things go wrong, responding to adverse events Harvard rapport 2006
  3. Disclosure Guidelines Canadian Institute for Patient Safety 2008
  4. Lockton report on disclosure of medical errors 2011


  1. Presentation on the cardiothoracic surgery affaire in 2005 at the Radboud Hospital, disclosed through an email from Prof. J. Damen. Powerpoint with hand-out by Dr. Hub Wollerstein of the Radboud UMC presented at the EFQM conference on October 12 2007. Interesting analysis of the lessons that can be learned from the Wall of Silence around medical errors at the cardiothoracic department at the Radboud Hospital in 2005 aswell as the failure of supervision of the Health-Care Inspection. Pleading for honest reporting of errors, openness en honesty towards victims and their relatives. The powerpoint can be requested through
  2. Report first Dutch national conference victims of medical errors 23rd April 2008