Publication Canadian Guidelines for Disclosure.

Good news!.On March 18th 2008 the Canadian Institute for Patient Safety has published the first Canadian Guidelines for dealing with victims of medical errors: the Canadian Disclosure Guidelines. Page 34 Appendix E publishes the procedure and checklist. These guidelines are based on respect for the victim which are expressed in the following: priority is given to presenting the facts and of direct arrangement for the safety of the patient and direct measures for follow-up diagnostics and remedial medical care, to limit the damage of the errors. The guidelines also insist on informing the patient that the error will be analysed and which measures will be taken to prevent reoccurence. It is advised to apologize. It seems that these guidelines are more explicit than the Harvard Consensus Report 2006 on which we based our Tell and Repair legal provision. Now these guidelines have to be brougt to practice as soon as possible to the benefit of the present and future victims of medical errors. We sincerely hope that the publication of these guidelines will encourage the medical field to a sense of urgency to implement Tell and Repair as soon as possible as we proposed at the conference of April 23rd 2008 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
See Report Canadian Disclosure Guidelines 2008 (pdf/1.87MB)