New book for victims of medical errors in Germany

VAS Verlag (VAS Publisher), Bad Homburg, Germany has issued an important book for victims of medical errors in Germany. The title is:


Mit dem Ruecken zur Wand: So setze ich mein Recht im Arzthaftungsprozess durch! Ein Ratgeber
(translation With the back to the Wall: Thus I obtain justice in medical negligence! An Advice)

Author: Vera Stein
ISBN 978-3-88864-479-5
214 pages
language: German

This book shows that a victim of medical errors can be successful in bringing negligent physicians to justice.
The author a German woman born 1958 was unjustly submitted as a young girl to wrong diagnoses and subjected to years of wrong medical treatments, causing severe permanent damage. She has become wheelchairbound. In 2005 Germany was convicted by the European Court of Human Rights for violations of human rights towards Stein.
The book contains a clear overview of the legal position of the victim of medical errors in Germany, describing in detail the necessary activities such as getting the medical files, expert-reports, obtaining legal assistance. the medical disciplinary system, the civil system, the criminal system in German, the European Human Rights Court and the role of the United Nations.
She also gives a chronological account of her personal experiences, in the medical and legal field, describing years of hardship and endurance. A separate chapter is devoted to patientsrights in psychiatry.
The last chapter is devoted to practical and legal advice in order to prevent becoming a victim of medical errors. Last but not least the book provides a information on relevant organisations in the medical field and field of patients rights, legal decisions, and literature.
The author has shown immense mental strength to obtain justice and provide valuable information to the public about medical negligence in Germany.
This book is recommended reading for anybody who is or will be in contact with healthcare in Germany, as a patient, as a physician, as a patient-advocate, a politician, a journalist or a lawyer, etc.