Millons of hips implanted as experiment, without informed consent

28th February 2012 source :


See BBC (title IEU-Alliance):
Millions of patients exposed to experimental hip implants without informed consent
See British Medical Journal:
How safe are metal-on-metal hip implants?

Translation from publication in Dutch:
Probably hundreds of thousands of risky metal hip implants.
London- Hundreds of thousands of persons worldwide got risky metal hip implants.
This is reported by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and BBC program Newsnight tuesday.
The risk develops because metal parts slide on each other. Thus kobalt and chrome enter the body, which causes pain and swelling for patients who get difficulties in walking. Kobalt can also damage the heart.
Already several years ago it was known that hips of the American producer Depuy are suspicous. The company had to examine 93.000 hips.
The Dutch association for orthopedic surgeons (NOV) states that there are several thousands of artificial hips in the Netherlands. “Many complaints were received on Depuy hips, but also more than average about other brands, according to a spokesman of the NOV.
The association therefore has recommended its members not to use that type of artificial hips anymore.
The British media report that the successor of the disputed model also shows problems, according to the researchers.
The new model has the same metal-on-metal problems, but the authorities were negligent to impose measures.
Although these risks were known and documented for several decades, patients were not informed about their participation in an actual large uncontrolled experimental, critizes the British Medical Journal.