Manifesto 2007 Year of and for Victims of Medical Errors
published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the European Union 25th of March 2007

In order to improve transparency and the quality of healthcare:
* Statutory obligation for the national Health Care Inspectorates in all EU-countries to record the status of doctors in EU-countries concerning verdicts of professional dysfunctioning, a so-called Black List, and to make that information available for EU-citizens.

* Introduction of the Tell and Repair protocol based on the Harvard Consensus Report March 2006 to the benefit of victims of medical errors.

* Introduction of Tell and Repair protocol as well and patient safety in medical education as well as introduction of obligation for yearly attendance of post-graduate training for qualified physicians and healthcare professionals.

* Introduction of positive incentives for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professional to report medical errors to the national authorities and to inform patients about medical errors. Likewise introduction of sanctions against those who do not report nor inform the patients. Introduction of statutory reporting system, analysis and prevention system.

* Introduction of a National Reporting Center for victims of medical errors in combination with the installment of a National Independent Mediator who is qualified to interfere immediately on behalf and to the benefit of the victims of medical errors.

* Statutory obligation: medical records are only valid after written authorization of the patient.
* Sanctions for not providing full and correct medical records to patients at first request.
* Statutory obligation for healthcare insurers and physicians to provide the patients with the ICD-10 codes of their illness and to provide copies of all bills of physicians and hospitals.

* Statutory obligation to include representatives of victims of medical errors in discussions and decisions on medical errors, the victims and patient safety.

* Statutory obligation to offer mediation for medical errors in stead of legal procedures.
* Statutory obligation to offer no-fault system in stead of tort-system.

* Installment of truth commissions to investigate medical errors and the position of victims.

* Installment of national parliamentary inquiry per country as well inquiry of European Parliament to examine medical errors, the position of victims and patient safety in general.

– May these innovations improve the quality of healthcare to the benefit of all those involved –