Malpractice Insurance for Patients

A new accidental death and disability policy will pay benefits to surgical patients if they have adverse outcomes following surgery.


Introduced by Surgical Risk Solutions L.L.C., Jacksonville, Fla., the policy is being sold as “complication insurance.”

The contract, on which the firm says it has a patent application pending, provides $200,000 worth of financial protection for a premium of $80. Increased limits are available for a higher premium.

The contract pays in case of death or other serious adverse outcomes as specified in the contract, Surgical Risk Solutions says. The adverse outcome triggers include brain damage, loss of use of an arm or a leg, and permanent paralysis. The policy will pay whether or not medical error or fault is involved in a covered accident, the company adds.

Currently available in at least 9 states, the policy is underwritten by QBE Insurance Corp., Sydney, Australia.