Conference in the Netherlands to improve the position of victims of medical errors, 23rd April 2008

On the 23rd of April 2008 a major development for patient safety will take place in the Netherlands.
So far patient safety only focuses on the future, but now it will focus on the improvement of the position of the present and future victims of medical errors.
So far victims of medical errors are only met by the Wall of Silence and are usually abandoned by the physicians and their colleagues to cover up their errors.


The Association of Dutch Hospitals, which represents appr. 100 hospitals,
The Association of Medical Consultants, which represents appr. 16.000 medical consultants,
The Association of Nurses and Caregivers, which represents appr. 200.000 nurses and caregivers,
The Center for Nursing Expertise, the scientific division of the Nurses
Will organise an invitational conference for 5 organisations, of consumers, chronically ill and handicapped, consumers patients and patients-victims,
including the Iatrogenic Europe Unite-Alliance, to make an inventory of the wishes of victims of medical error about what should be done after the medical error.
This conference is the result of a common meeting of the above mentioned medical associations initiated by the IEU-Alliance in the Netherlands on the 7th of November 2007 to discuss the legal provision Tell and Repair, which the IEU-Alliance wrote and based on the Harvard Consensus Report 2006: When Things Go Wrong, Responding to an Adverse Event. Keywords of the legal provision are: honesty and openness, adequate follow-up diagnostics and adequate remedial medical care.
We will repeat our view that the Tell and Repair legal provision should be implemented as soon as possible, also due to the fact that physicians are ethically and professionally obliged to give honest information and good medical care.Furthermore the IEU-Alliance will focus on the need to record medical errors, to do research and to prevent medical errors.