Clinton-Obama proposal for Malpractice Reform

Making Patient Safety the Centerpiece of Medical Liability Reform.


Senators Hillary Clinton an Barack Obama have introduced legislation, the National Medical Error Disclosure and Compensations(MEDIC)Bill (S.1784) to implement programs for disclosure and compensation. This model promotes confidential disclosure to patients of medical errors in an effort to improve patient safety systems. At the time of disclosure, compensation for the patient or family would be negotiated and procedures would be implemented to prevent a recurrence of the problem that led tot the patient�s injury.
The May 25, 2006 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine includes a Perspectives article by Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, which cites the University of Michigan Health System and the VA Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky as models for a new approach to handling medical errors and malpractice litigation. The New England journal has made the Clinton/Obama malpractice article available for free:
NEJM Clinton-Obama