Breaking News:finally acknowledgement nil follow-up care to victims of medical errors 6th Sept. 2007

Acknowledgment that follow-up care of victims of medical errors is practically nil.
Institution of �Tell and Repair� legal proposal necessary.


The Dutch organisation of Medical Consultants openly acknowledged on the 3rd of September 2007 during a public debate organised by the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, Netherlands, that the follow-up care to victims of medical errors is practically nil.
This acknowledgment is of major importance.
In a meeting on the 6th of September 2007 with Chair Sophie Hankes LL.M of SIN-NL/IEU-alliance the deputee Inspector-General of the Dutch Health Inspectorate confirmed that physicians do not give honest and open information nor adequate follow-up medical care to victims of medical errors.
As the situation was so clear he did not deem it necessary to start investigations.
Oudendijk admitted that complaint-boards of hospitals do not deal adequately with complaints of victims of medical errors. He pointed out that in addition to the physicians and nurses, the leadership of the hospital is also accountable for medical errors.

Sophie Hankes requested institution of the �Tell and Repair� legal proposal in order to achieve that victims of medical errors would receive honest information and remedial medical care.
She also requested that surviving relatives would be informed in an honest and open way.
Deputee Inspector-General Oudendijk agreed to give his written support for the �Tell and Repair� proposal before the 1st of January 2008.

Moreover the Dutch organisation of Medial Consultants, the Dutch Association of Hospitals and the organisation of Nurses and Caregivers VenVN, as well as the Center of Nursing Expertise LEVV, have explicitly agreed to attend a common meeting with the IEU-Alliance to discuss improvement of the position of victims of medical errors.