Register & Learn

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The IEU-Alliance is convinced that registration, research and prevention of medical errror is essential to true professional medical diagnostics and treatments. We summarize the main principles as: register and learn.
Ethically, professionally and legally physicians and hospitals are obliged to report serious medcial errors which result in death or disability at national authorities eg Inspectorates of Healthcare.
In fact unfortunately only 2% of physicians report their medical errors, and only 13% of nurses, (Amalberti, 2008).
Also physicians and nurses are usually silent about their medical errors to the victims and do not register these in the medical records, in violation of their duty of care.
The lack of reporting and registration means that medical errrors are hardly examined or analysed.
50-75% of medical errors are thus repeated errrors, Report by R. Willems former CEO Shell Netherlands, 2004.
The IEU-Alliance does not support safe incident reporting, which means anonymous reporting. International experiences shows that this way of reporting does not lead to substantial improvement.
Moreover: personal responsibility is a moral obligation.
We strongly urge physicians to take their responsibility regarding the prevention of medical errors.