2012: conscience and responsability

2012 will be the year of conscience and responsability of physicians concerning medical errors.


2011 was the year of truth and justice for victims of medical errors.
During the past year it was necessary to be active in various ways in order to strive for the improvement of the position of victims of medical errors:
answering emails, giving advice to patients in disputes in medical disciplinary courts or other courts, updating the websites, attending congresses, meetings with individual victims and maintaining national and international contacts.
Every year provides us with more experience, knowledge and insight in the actions of physicians concerning medical errors and the victims.
It is most important that the Dutch Consumersorganisation and the Dutch national Ombudsman have reported that physicians very often refuse to provide honest information and adequate remedial medical care to the victims, as shown by the IEU-Alliance.
In essence physicians are violating their ethical, professional and legal responsabilities towards victims of medical care: they are violating their duty of care.
Apparently physicians choose not to listen to their conscience, assuming that they acknowledge their owth of Hippocrates.
The IEU-alliance again takes it upon its shoulders to fight for improvement of the position of victims of medical errors: Tell and Repair, Register and Learn.
2012: conscience and responsability of physicians for medical errors.