2021: year of prevention in healthcare!

The IEU-Alliance is a member of the International Alliance of Patients Organisations IAPO and partner of USA based Patient-Safety.com.

The Iatrogenic Europe Unite Alliance has been founded to improve the position of victims of medical errors, the so called iatrogenic patients and to improve patient safety in general.

In general medical care has good quality, in the Western world, but unfortunately errors occur. The aftermath for victims of medical errors, and their families, is very difficult, see under declaration. Also the quantity of medical errors is enormous, one in thousand hospitalisations results in a serious medical error, leading to death or disability, see under news, epidemiological survey of medical errors.

The aims and objectives of the IEU-alliance are: on national, European and international level:

  • To improve patient safety and the quality of healthcare.
  • To strive for representation of organisations of patients victims of medical errors in policy and
    decisionmaking concerning patient safety and quality of healthcare.
  • To cooperate with private and public organisations which support the improvement of patient safety.
  • Honesty about medical errors by physicians, paramedics, nurses and all involved from the medical world.
  • Openness and providing information about the medical error as well as the consequences to the patient and the family of the patient.
  • Providing genuine medical care, diagnostics and treatment in consequence of the medical error to repair the damage and to restore the quality of life, as far as possible.
  • Financial compensation for victims of medical errors, based on national tariff, decided by mediation.
  • Registration, analysis and research of medical errors to achieve prevention.
  • All goals to be regulated as statutory obligations.

Dialogue & consensus
In order to achieve these goals, we strive for dialogue with all professionals in the medical field, e.g. physicians, hospitals, nurses as well as the national, European and international governments and institutions, politicians, the media and the public. May this lead to improvement of patient safety and medical care to the benefit of all those involved.